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Experience of genealogy research of White emigration

Initial information that we had from the beginning 
"Sergey Lebedev Abramovich, my grandfather, was born in Novocherkassk on October 11, 1898. He was the son of Abraham and Elena Lebedev was the brother Paul, Vladmir, Olga and Elena. Abraham was producer of wheat in Novocherkassk.
During the Russian Revolution my grandfather (Sergey Lebedev), White Cossack, fought in defense of the Czar Nicholas II. At the end of the Revolution at the request of Abraham, Sergey went to the Czech Republic to finish his studies in Chemical Engineering and to start a new life. 
After passing through England and Argentina, Sergey was living in Brazil in the city of Sant'Ana do Livramento in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and worked in the meat industry called Armour"

What we have found 

From information from Czech diploma we have learned that Sergey was born in stanitsa Manycheskaya

In the book «Genealogy and history of Don Cossack Families. Issue 33. Koryagin S.V.» we have found a recorde about Sergey Abramovitch:

Sergey Abramovich, lieutenant (sotnik), junior officer of premier squadron 3d Don Cossack Cavalry reserve regiment 2 November 1919.
Lieutenant in the Don Officer reserve in the spring 1920. Has been evacuated in Lemnos. Autumn 1925 -  in the Don Officer reserve in Bulgaria.

In the another biographic sourse (list of awardees of the Cross of St.George) we have found a recorde:

Лебедев Сергей Авраамович, хорунжий Новочеркасского реального училища, награжден Георгием 4-й степени (Приказ ВВД от 26.06.1919 № 991).

LEBEDEFF Sergey Abramovich, lieutenant (khorungiy) of Novocherkassk professional school, has been awarded the Cross of St.George, Forth Class. (Order for the Don army 26 June 1919  № 991)

Thus, we learned the school of Sergey. We have made the recherche in State Archive of Rostov Region and we have found the fund of Novocherkassk professional school, and dossier of Sergey. 
Studying this dossier result in unexpected fact that Sergey was a son of bourgeois Abram Sergeevith Lebedeff. He was from Starobelsk, now its Ukraine. But he lived in stanitsa Manycheskaya, on Don.
In this dossier, among the other things, was the Statement of Sergey's birth

Statement from Parish Registre of Paraskeva-Pyatnitsa église of stanitsa Manycheskaya, 1901 year
Number 188 male 

28 September 1901 was born, 30 September 1901 was baptised SERGEY, son of bourgeois of Starobelsk town Kharkov province Avraam Sergeev LEBEDEFF and his wife Elena daughter of Stepan. Both are orthodox.
God-parents are Lieutenant Colonel of Manycheskaya Petr Petrov Kuznetsoff and wife of bourgeois of Alexandrovsk-Grushevskoy town Fekla Pavlova Boeva.
The rite of baptism was performed by priest  Adrian Kovaleff, deacon Grigory Ejoff and acolyte Vladimir Popoff 
This statement is for the educational institution.
Fait 21 Mars 1912
Signed and sealed by seal of the Paraskeva-Pyatnitsa église of stanitsa Manycheskaya, by priest Adrian Kovaleff and acting acolyte Ivan Bondarenko.
(State Archive of Rostov Region, 349-3-211)

Pay attention to the fact what the god-father is lieutenant colonel Petr Petrov Kuznetsoff - its a very important person, may be first person in stanitsa. It means, that Lebedeff family was outstanding enough. May be, Avraam was little trader or manufacturer. We can learn it from the documents of local tax-office. 

We have found info concerning possible brother of Sergey - Vladimir, born 1915. Its from data base of militaries, awarded during the Seconde World War.

Lebedeff Vladimir Abramovitch, bornes 1915 in st.Manycheskaya Bagaevsky region, leitenant, in service of Rouge Army since 1941
The medal «For Battle Merit» - 22 February 1944

So its possible that Vladimir's descendants exist and can be found in Russia.